Athletics Integrity Unit Disciplinary Process

In this section of the site, we present an overview of the Athletics Integrity Unit Disciplinary Process and provide details of all cases that have been dealt with under the jurisdiction of the Athletics Integrity Unit, or have otherwise been overseen by the Athletics Integrity Unit, since its inception in April 2017.

"Transparency is a key principle of the Athletics Integrity Unit."

Brett Clothier, Head, Athletics Integrity Unit

The Athletics Integrity Unit Disciplinary Process applies to both doping and non-doping cases that are pursued by the Athletics Integrity Unit under the World Athletics Anti-Doping Rules and the World Athletics Integrity Code of Conduct respectively.  The Athletics Integrity Unit's jurisdiction covers International-Level Athletes and their Athlete Support Personnel, World Athletics Officials and Member Federation Officials (limited to their dealings with World Athletics). The Disciplinary Process has five separate stages:

Provisional Suspension In Force  Pending First Instance Cases  First Instance Decisions  Pending Appeal  Appeal Decision

Using this site, you will be able to understand the Disciplinary Process and track a cases progress through each stage.

Note that case details will remain on this section of the site for the longer of; one month, or the duration of the relevant period of Ineligibility. They will then be removed. 

For further details, please check the AIU policy on public disclosure of cases.