Understand the Rules of Governance

The Athletics Integrity Unit was at the heart of the IAAF’s integrity reforms, and has been operational since April 2017. Under rules set by IAAF Council, the Athletics Integrity Unit is responsible for ensuring that athletes respect those rules and for upholding the principles of fair play and equality across the global athletics community.

The Athletics Integrity Unit has a clearly defined remit and structure that is fully independent of the IAAF.

It is important for all members of the athletics family to understand not only the processes under which the Athletics Integrity Unit operates, but also all the rules that make the sport of athletics what it is today, ranging from disciplinary tribunal rules to eligibility and competition rules for athletes.

  • IAAF Athletics Integrity Unit Rules

    Learn about the rules surrounding the creation and running of the Athletics Integrity Unit.

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  • IAAF Integrity Code of Conduct

    Understand what behaviours and practices constitute an ethical breach of the Integrity Code of Conduct.

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  • IAAF Manipulation of Sports Competition Rules

    Know the rules around the Manipulation of Sports Competitions.

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  • IAAF Athletics Integrity Unit – Reporting, Investigation and Prosecution Rules (Non-Doping)

    It is not just doping that threatens clean athletes. Find out more about how the Athletics Integrity Unit pursues other breaches to the rules here.

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  • IAAF Disciplinary Tribunal Rules

    Discover more about the composition and appointment of the Disciplinary Tribunal, and how it proceeds with non-doping matters.

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  • Amendments to IAAF Competition Rules

    Changes were made to competition rules on 17 June 2016 concerning special eligibility for ‘neutral athletes’. Understand the significance of those changes and what it means for the athlete community.

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  • Advisory Note: Use of Personal Information 2017

    This Information Notice explains in more detail how Personal Information for anti-doping purposes will be processed by the IAAF.

  • Guidelines for Applications for Exceptional eligibility under new Rule 22.1A

    Guidance for athletes seeking to apply to compete as ‘neutral athletes’ under the new Rule approved by IAAF Council on 17 June 2016.

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  • List of international competitions

    Download the 2019 list of international athletics competitions dates and details.