Registered Testing Pool (RTP)

Athletes at the highest level of their sport are selected for what is known as a Testing Pool. Here, you can search for all international-level athletes currently in the World Athletics International RTP and the World Athletics Road Running Testing Pool, or download the full lists.



These lists of athletes in the World Athletics International RTP and the World Athletics Road Running Testing Pool were last updated on 01 January 2020

*Please note that it cannot be guaranteed that the searchable database available on-line exactly reproduces the World Athletics RTP list, it is therefore intended for information only and should not be relied upon from a legal perspective.
Athlete Discipline Secondary Discipline IAAF ID Gender Nationality Date of Birth
Aaron BROWN 200m Sprints (400m or less) 14366482 M CAN 0094-03-05
Ababel YESHANEH Marathon Long Distance (3000m+) 14465270 F ETH 0092-10-07
Abadi HADIS 5000m Long Distance (3000m+) 14751318 M ETH 0097-06-11
Abdalelah HAROUN 400m Sprints (400m or less) 14686631 M QAT 0097-01-01
Abdeahman SAMBA 400m Hurdles Sprints (400m or less) 14752208 M QAT 0095-05-09
Abdelaati IGUIDER 1500m Middle Distance (800m-1500m) 14212221 M MAR 0089-01-03
Abdelmalik LAHOULOU 400m Hurdles Sprints (400m or less) 14375720 M ALG 0092-07-05
Abdi NAGEEYE Marathon Long Distance (3000m+) 14214214 M NED 0089-02-03
Abeba-Tekulu GEBREMESKEL Marathon Long Distance (3000m+) 14522077 F ETH 0005-11-06
Abel KIPCHUMBA Half Marathon Long Distance (3000m+) 14785951 M KEN 0094-03-02
Abel KIRUI Marathon Long Distance (3000m+) 14208543 M KEN 0082-04-06
Abera KUMA Marathon Long Distance (3000m+) 14181547 M ETH 0092-07-08
Aberu Mekuria ZENNEBE Marathon Long Distance (3000m+) 14448201 F ETH 0084-12-12
Abraham KIBIWOT 3000m SC Long Distance (3000m+) 14657344 M KEN 0096-06-04
Abrha MILAW ASEFA Marathon Long Distance (3000m+) 14496527 M ETH 0090-03-02
Adam GEMILI 200m Sprints (400m or less) 14427998 M GBR 0093-06-10
Adam KSZCZOT 800m Middle Distance (800m-1500m) 14217000 M POL 0089-02-09
Adugna TAKELE Marathon Long Distance (3000m+) 14473679 M ETH 0091-02-02
Afera GODFAY Marathon Long Distance (3000m+) 14413306 F ETH 0093-01-09
Afewerk MESFIN Marathon Long Distance (3000m+) 14428737 M ETH 0092-12-10
Agnes Jebet TIROP 5000m Long Distance (3000m+) 14289007 F KEN 0096-11-10
Ajee WILSON 800m Middle Distance (800m-1500m) 14411176 F USA 0094-08-05
Akani SIMBINE 100m Sprints (400m or less) 14417763 M RSA 0094-09-09
Akeem BLOOMFIELD 400m Sprints (400m or less) 14629292 M JAM 0097-10-11
Al Mahjoub DAZZA Marathon Long Distance (3000m+) 14590412 M MAR 0091-03-03
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