Know The Process

It is not just rules that safeguard our sport for clean athletes, but also the measures and processes that help put those rules into action. We must all play our part in promoting fair play and that means gaining an appreciation of what leads to certain decisions being made.

At the Athletics Integrity Unit, we believe that a fair and robust process is as important as the end result. Our team is dedicated to identifying and acting against doping violations, and to conducting investigative work that allows us to pursue non-doping violations. We hope you enjoy nurturing your knowledge on the important work of the Athletics Integrity Unit.

The Athletics Integrity Unit has a remit that goes well beyond anti-doping.
Everyone engaged in the sport has a responsibility to act with integrity and respect the Code of Conduct. We are all in this together.

Understanding Integrity Breaches

The Athletics Integrity Unit has a remit that goes well beyond anti-doping. Everyone in athletics has a collective responsibility and duty to act with integrity and make the experience better not only for those that compete, coach, manage and officiate, but also for the media and fans who cover and watch athletics. Whether it be stamping out results or age manipulation, detecting patterns of bribery or corruption, investigating betting practices, or pursuing transfer of allegiance cases, the Athletics Integrity Unit will always put the interests of clean athletics first.

Icon Manipulation

Manipulation of competition results

Improperly influencing the result, progress, outcome, conduct or any other aspect of an event or competition is a breach of the Athletics Integrity Unit rules.

Icon Bribery

Bribery and Corruption

The Athletics Integrity Unit will pursue any actions that constitute bribery or corruption within the sport of athletics.

Icon Betting


It is not just athletes, but all those involved in the sport that are bound by the stringent betting regulations concerning athletics competitions and events.

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There is no place for any form of harassment in athletics. Such behaviour is contrary to the values and ideals of the athletics community. The AIU has taken steps to ensure that athletics is free from intimidation, insult, or ridicule based on race, colour, religion, gender, or national origin.

Icon Age Manipulation

Age manipulation

A recent scourge of the sport, age manipulation is another part of the Athletics Integrity Unit’s broad mandate in pursuing a level playing field.

Icon Allegience

Transfers of allegiance

On 6 February 2017, the World Athletics Council chose to combat the creeping abuse of transfer of allegiance by freezing the process. With new rules and processes to be adopted by the Council, this area will be an increasingly important part of our remit.

Combatting non-doping violations is an increasingly important part of the Athletics Integrity Unit’s work, and so it is vital for the athletics community to understand the intelligence, investigations and disciplinary procedures surrounding these violations. Gain more knowledge about how the Athletics Integrity Unit tackles non-doping matters in the World Athletics Athletics Integrity Unit – Reporting, Investigation and Prosecution Rules (Non-Doping).





As an athlete you are solely responsible for whatever is in your body at all times.

Understand The Doping Control Process

As an athlete you are solely responsible for whatever is in your body at all times.
Our advice is simple:

Running Track Numbers

In-competition testing

Any athlete can be selected for in-competition testing. Learn what to expect about the testing process at competitions.

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In-competition testing - Know your rights

Learn more about your rights and what to expect during the in-competition testing process.


Registered Testing Pool (RTP) and out-of-competition testing

Athletes at the highest level of their sport, in what is known as the RTP, can be selected for no notice out-of-competition testing at any time.

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Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs)

A TUE is a commonly known phrase for all competitive athletes today. Understand what a TUE is, and when and how to apply for one.


Athlete Biological Passport (ABP)

The ABP is one of the most effective tools in our efforts to both deter and detect doping. 


Blood and Urine Testing — What you need to know

Learn when and how we test for blood and urine, and what happens next.

Flow Diagram Laptop@2X

What happens if you test positive?

Discover what happens next if you are found to have breached an anti-doping rule.

Form Filling@2X 2

Filling in the forms

Recognise the various doping control forms, and how to complete them.

Out Comptetion Testing@2X 2

Out-of-competition testing

Even if you are not in a Registered Testing Pool, as an athlete you can still be required for out-of-competition testing. Understand more about the importance of out-of-competition testing, and what to expect.