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The Athletics Integrity Unit operates one of the most universal and comprehensive anti-doping programmes among global sports federations. However, our remit extends beyond doping to also guard against any form of misconduct such as harassment, including sexual harassment, corruption, fraud and bribery in athletics.

Whether you are an athlete, support personnel, a federation or club administrator, from the media or a fan of the sport, you can play an essential role in helping us create a level playing field by letting us know about any form of misconduct. 

All information, no matter how big or small, is important to us and could be crucial in uncovering fraudulent conduct within our sport. Help us keep athletics clean and fair by reporting misconduct.

You can report anonymously using the REPORTING FORM below or by calling one of our Toll Free WHISTLEBLOWER HOTLINE numbers (available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Mandarin and a number of other United Nations recognised languages).

You can find the correct number for your country, understand how to make call and get additional information on language support by clicking the below button.

whistleblower hotline phone numbers & calling information 

We always protect your data by adhering to the following principals of CARE:

  • Confidential
  • Anonymous
  • Responsibly handled
  • Encrypted and secure

All information submitted here is transmitted via secure networks and accessed by authorised staff only. This reporting mechanism is subject to professional assessment in line with internationally recognised intelligence models.

Reporting form

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Please provide as much information as possible which may assist the Athletics Integrity Unit to investigate this incident. All information no matter how small or trivial could be important. Information provided could include:

  • Specific details of the incident(s)
  • Name of all persons involved including any witnesses
  • Date(s) the incident(s) occurred and any other relevant dates or times
  • Details of places, conversations, substances, dates, times and any other relevant matter
  • Did you witness the incident first hand, hear about it from someone else, or have a strong suspicion?
  • If the incident occurred in more than one country please list them below

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