Provisional Suspensions In Force

A Provisional Suspension is when an Athlete or other Person is suspended temporarily from participating in any competition or activity in Athletics prior to a final decision at a hearing conducted under the World Athletics Anti-Doping Rules or the Integrity Code of Conduct.


In this section of the site, we list the Provisional Suspensions currently in force. Some of these cases remain under investigation, while others are the subject of a notice of charge and so will also appear on the list of Pending First Instance cases.

In doping cases, a Provisional Suspension is mandatory under the World Athletics Anti-Doping Rules following an adverse analytical finding for any non-specified substance on the Prohibited List.  

A Provisional Suspension may be imposed in other doping cases depending on the nature and circumstances of the case in question.

A Provisional Suspension imposed in a non-doping case does not in any way abrogate the presumption of innocence and it is not an early determination of guilt. Rather, it is an order made on a precautionary basis to safeguard the interests of the sport.

Last updated on 31 July 2021

- Bold, Italic Text identifies entries that have been added or updated on the date above.

0/07/2021Blessing OkagbareNGRPresence/Use of a Prohibited Substance (hGH) (Article 2.1 and Article 2.2)Notice of Allegation Issued
30/03/2021Yousef KaramKUWPresence/Use of a Prohibited Substance (Ibutamoren) (Article 2.1 and Article 2.2)Notice of Allegation Issued
09/03/2021Joyce ChepkiruiKENUse of a Prohibited Substance / Method (Article 2.2) – ABP caseAwaiting Decision
22/02/2021Abeba Tekulu GebremesekelETHUse of a Prohibited Substance / Method (Article 2.2) – ABP caseReferred to DT
09/02/2020Martina RatejSLOPresence of a Prohibited Substance (Clostebol) (Article 2.1) - Re-testing case 2012 Olympic GamesAwaiting Decision
25/09/2019Mr Ahmed Al KamaliUAEPotential Violation of the IAAF Candidacy Rules and Integrity Code of ConductDecision by the Chair of the IAAF DT
13/09/2019Carina HornRSAPresence of a Prohibited Substance (Ibutamoren and LGD-4033) (Article 2.1)Referred to DT
12/07/2017Frank FredericksNAMBreach of Integrity Standards under 
Article 7 (Conduct likely to tarnish the reputation of the IAAF/ bring the sport into disrepute), 
Article 8 (Nominal gifts only),
Article 10 (No concealed remuneration, commission or benefit) of the IAAF Code of Ethics 2003-2012
On-going investigation