Global List of Ineligible Persons

The Athletics Integrity Unit has jurisdiction over International-Level Athletes and their Athlete Support Persons, World Athletics Officials and Member Federation Officials (limited to their dealings with World Athletics). On this page we publish a consolidated list of all persons serving a period of ineligibility in Athletics. This includes persons serving a period of ineligibility as a result of national level cases and decisions.

Latest sanctions for Doping and Non-Doping Violations


Complete list of sanctions for Doping and Non-Doping Violations*


*The list of currently suspended persons was last updated on 1 June 2023. Please note that it is intended for information only and should not be relied upon from a legal perspective.

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Name Date of Birth Nationality Role Sex Discipline 1 Discipline 2 Infraction Date Sanction Ineligibile Until Disqualification Period Infraction Type ADRV Rules ADRV Notes Description
ALMUWALLAD, Ahmad Khader 16/02/1988 KSA Athlete M Sprints (400m or less) 09/04/2021 4 years ineligibility 23/05/2025 Since 09.04.21 Doping Presence
Anastrozole In competition test, Kingdom Championship for Athletics Federation Cup Jeddah, KSA
ALOBAID, Mohammad 03/05/1997 KUW Athlete M Sprints (400m or less) 21/11/2022 4 years ineligibility 02/02/2027 Since 21.11.22 Doping Presence
boldenone & 1-testosterone Out-of-competition test, in KUW
ALSALEH, Monira 18/05/1985 SYR Athlete F 200m Sprints (400m or less) 26/02/2010 Lifetime ban (2nd ADRV) Lifetime ban Since 26-02-10 Doping Presence
Stanozolol and Metenolone In competition test, 'Asian Indoor Championships', Tehran IRI
AMANDEEP. 12/03/1999 IND Athlete M Middle Distance (800m-1500m) 28/06/2022 4 years ineligibility 25/08/2026 Since 28.06.22 Doping Presence
Darbepoetin (dEPO) In competiton test, at Selection Trial, New Delhi, IND
AMOS, Nijel 15/03/1994 TTO Athlete M Middle Distance (800m-1500m) -- 3 years ineligibility 11/07/2025 Since 04.06.22 Doping Presence
GW1516 Out-of-competition test in Rabat, MAR
ANDREEV, Andrian 24/07/1977 BUL Athlete M Hammer Throws 27/02/2008 Lifetime ban (2nd ADRV) Lifetime ban Since 27-02-2008 Doping Presence
Metenolone Out of competition test
ANITA 01/01/1990 IND Athlete F Hammer 15/03/2019 4 years ineligibility 21/10/2024 Since 15.03.19 Doping Presence
Exogenous Steroids after IRMS (Androsterone, Testosterone, Etiocholanone, 5aAdiol, 5bAdiol) In competition test, Federation Cup Senior National Athletics Championship 2019, Patiala, IND
ANTAL, Ritik 12/10/2003 IND Athlete M Sprints (400m or less) 05/08/2019 4 years ineligibiity 04/08/2023 Since 05.08.19 Doping Presence
Drostanolone, Letrozole In competition test, Delhi State Athlete Meet 2019, New Delhi, IND
ANTUNES, Luis Paolo 28/11/1980 BRA Athlete M Race Walk Long Distance (3000m+) 27/09/2015 8 years ineligibility 26/09/2023 Since 27.09.15 Doping Presence
Stanozolol In competition test, Maraton Internacional SESCPR , Foz do Iguacu, BRA
ANTYUKH, Natalya 26/06/1981 RUS Athlete F Sprints (400m or less) 30/06/2013 4 years ineligibility 06/04/2025 Since 30.06.13 - 31.12.15 Doping Use Use McLaren evidence
ANTYUKH, Natalyia 26/06/1981 RUS Athlete F Sprints (400m or less) 30/06/2013 4 years ineligibility 06/04/2025 Since 30.06.13 Doping Use Use or Attempted Use by an Athlete of a Prohibited Substance or a Prohibited Method McLaren evidence
ARSHLAN, Mohd 02/03/1999 IND Athlete M Hammer Throws 09/09/2022 4 years ineligibility 20/10/2026 Since 09.09.22 Doping Presence
metandienone & stanozolol In competiton test, at 71st Inter Services Athletics Championship 2022, Karnataka, IND
ARZAMASOVA, Marina 17/12/1987 BLR Athlete F Middle Distance (800m-1500m) 29/07/2019 4 years ineligibility 28/07/2023 Since 29.07.19 Doping Presence
LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) Out-of-competition test, Yukhnovka, BLR
ARZHAKOVA, Yelena 08/09/1989 RUS Athlete F Middle Distance (800m-1500m) 11/06/2012 2 years ineligibility 10/07/2024 Since 29.01.15 Doping Use Use (McLaren & LIMS evidence) Use (McLaren & LIMS evidence)
ASANOV, Aleksandr 30/03/1995 RUS Athlete M High Jump Jumps 18/11/2021 2 years ineligibility 16/12/2023 Since 18.11.21 Doping Presence
Hydrochlorothiazide Out-of-competition test, in Novogorsk, RUS
ASLAN, Veysi 23/02/1984 TUR Athlete M Long Distance (3000m+) 09/10/2016 8 years ineligibility (2nd ADRV) 18/06/2025 From 09.10.16 Doping Presence
EPO In competition test, International Darica Half Marathon , Darica, TUR
ATAGELDIYEV, Hangeldi 17/07/1998 TKM Athlete M Long Distance (3000m+) 31/08/2022 3 years ineligibility 02/11/2025 Since 31.08.22 Doping Presence
meldonium Out-of-competition test, in Ashgabat, TKM
AVRAMENKO, Roman 23/03/1988 RUS Athlete M Javelin Throws 30/07/2015 8 years ineligibility (2nd ADRV) 29/08/2023 Since 30.07.15 Doping Presence
Dehydrochloromethyltestosterone Out-of competition test, Kirovske
AYDEMIR, Mazlum 19/07/1983 TUR Athlete M Long Distance (3000m+) 29/08/2015 A life-time ineligibility Lifetime ban Since 29-08-2015 to 20-02-17 Doping Presence
Erythropoietin In competition test, track & field 1st league final , Cankiri, TUR & '60th Omer Besim Cross-Country Race' in Istanbul, TUR
AYHAN-KOP, Surreya 06/09/1978 TUR Athlete F 1500m Middle Distance (800m-1500m) 08/09/2007 Lifetime ban (2nd ADRV) Lifetime ban Since 08-09-07 Doping Presence
Stanozolol Out of competition test
AZIKE, Henry 07/01/1989 NGR Athlete M 100m Sprints (400m or less) 05/12/2012 Lifetime ban (2nd ADRV) Lifetime ban Since 05-12-12 Doping Presence
Metenolone Out of competition test, Lagos, NGR
B. Aishwarya 15/06/1997 IND Athlete F Jumps 14/06/2022 4 years ineligibility 17/07/2026 Since 14.06.22 Doping Presence
SARMS enobosarm (ostarine) In competiton test, at 61 National Inter State Senior Athletics Championship, Chennai, IND
BAKHAREVA SLASTNIKOVA, Tamara 21/05/1993 RUS Athlete F Sprints (400m or less) 27/06/2021 4 years ineligibility 22/09/2025 Since 27.06.21 Doping Presence
Exogenous Steroids after IRMS (Testosterone, 5aAdiol, 5bAdiol, Androsterone, Etiocholanolone) In competition test, Russian Ch. Olympic Stadium, Cheboksary, RUS
BAKULIN, Sergey 13/11/1986 RUS Athlete M Race Walk Long Distance (3000m+) 20/05/2018 8 years ineligibility 02/04/2027 Since 20.05.18 Doping Presence
Athlete Biological Passport Athlete Biological Passport Case
BALCIUNAITE, Zivile 03/04/1979 LTU Athlete F Road Running Long Distance (3000m+) 15/04/2016 8 years ineligibility 13/05/2024 Since 15.4.16 Doping Presence
Meldonium Out of competition test, Palanga LTU
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