Global List of Ineligible Persons

The Athletics Integrity Unit has jurisdiction over International-Level Athletes and their Athlete Support Persons, World Athletics Officials and Member Federation Officials (limited to their dealings with World Athletics). On this page we publish a consolidated list of all persons serving a period of ineligibility in Athletics. This includes persons serving a period of ineligibility as a result of national level cases and decisions.

Latest sanctions for Doping and Non-Doping Violations


Complete list of sanctions for Doping and Non-Doping Violations*


*The list of currently suspended persons was last updated on 15 November 2020. Please note that it is intended for information only and should not be relied upon from a legal perspective.

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Name Date of Birth Nationality Role Sex Discipline 1 Discipline 2 Infraction Date Sanction Ineligibile Until Disqualification Period Infraction Type ADRV Rules ADRV Notes Description
CHAUDHARY, Prince 12/07/2004 IND Athlete M Sprints (400m or less) 24/11/2019 4 years ineligibility 20/01/2024 Since 24.11.19 Doping Presence
Metenolone and Stanozolol In competition test, 17th Milo National Inter District Junior Athletics Meet 2019, Tirupati, IND
DUICU, Beniamin 18/03/2003 ROU Athlete M Sprints (400m or less) 04/12/2020 9 months ineligibility 04/12/2020 Since 09.03.19 Doping Presence
5-methylhexan-2-amine In competition test, Romanian U18 Indoor Championships, Bucharest, ROU
KOKOEVA, Ellina 16/01/2003 RUS Athlete F 800m Middle Distance (800m-1500m) 12/12/2019 1 year ineligibility 19/01/2021 Since 12.12.19 Doping Presence
Canrenone Out-of-competition test, Vladikavkaz, RUS
PANDEY, Shilpi 13/10/2002 IND Athlete F 100m Hurdles Sprints (400m or less) 28/12/2018 2 years ineligibility 21/02/2021 Since 28.12.18 Doping Presence
Stanozolol In competition test, Lucknow, IND
ZHANG, Tengyue 17/03/2002 CHN Athlete F Sprints (400m or less) -- 4 years ineligibility 29/09/2022 Since 23.08.18 Doping Presence
Metandienone In competition test, '13th Games of Liao Ning', Liao Ning, CHN
MUNGUTI, Angela Ndungwa 24/12/2001 KEN Athlete F Middle Distance (800m-1500m) 07/10/2018 4 years ineligibility 06/10/2022 Since 07.10.18 Doping Presence
Norandrosterone Out-of-competition test, Buenos Aires, ARG
SU, Ciai 16/11/2001 CHN Athlete F Long Distance (3000m+) 19/11/2017 4 years ineligibility 04/12/2021 Since 19.11.17 Doping Evasion
Refusal and or Failure to Submit
Refusal In competition test, Jiujiang international Half-Marathon , Jiujang, CHN
XU, Wenhao 06/11/2001 CHN Athlete M Long Distance (3000m+) 15/10/2018 4 years ineligibility 17/10/2022 Since 15-10-18 Doping Presence
EPO In competition test, 24th Shandong Games', Qingdao, CHN
PARK, Hyunji 09/10/2001 KOR Athlete F Jumps 26/06/2019 2 years ineligibility 25/06/2021 Since 26.06.19 Doping Presence
Phenmetrazine In competition test, 19th National U20 Athletics Championships, Gangwon-do, KOR
SINGH, Rakhi 25/07/2001 IND Athlete F Middle Distance (800m-1500m) 04/11/2019 4 years ineligibility 14/01/2024 Since 04.11.19 Doping Presence
Stanozolol, Phentermine and Mephentermine In competition test, 35th National Junior Athletics Championships-2019, Guntur, IND
NENAHOVA, Olga 07/06/2001 RUS Athlete F Middle Distance (800m-1500m) 07/08/2017 4 years ineligibility 17/09/2021 From 07.08.17 Doping Presence
Meldonium and Fonturacetam (carphedon) In competition, in Zelentsova Cup , Novorossiisk, RUS
SREEKANTH, K.M. 18/05/2001 IND Athlete M Long Jump Jumps 21/10/2017 4 years ineligibility 26/11/2021 Since 21.10.17 Doping Presence
Heptaminol 61st Kerala State School Athletics Championships , Kottayam, IND
ADLI SAIFUL, Muh. Syazrul 17/02/2001 MAS Athlete M Sprints (400m or less) 18/08/2019 4 years ineligibility 12/12/2023 Since 18.08.19 Doping Presence
Methasterone & Oxymetholone In competition test, 96th Malaysian Athletics Championship 2019, Kuala Lumpur, MAS
WOEST, Verushka 11/01/2001 RSA Athlete F Sprints (400m or less) 07/04/2017 4 years ineligibility 24/05/2021 In competition, in South African U20/U18 Championships , Cape Town, RSA Doping Presence
Metenolone, Oxandrolone IAAF Rule 32.2.f - Possession
KIPSANG, Geoffrey 11/11/2000 UGA Athlete M Long Distance (3000m+) 01/06/2019 2 years ineligibility 31/05/2021 Since 01.06.19 Doping Presence
Prednisone, Prednisolone In competition test, Akii Bua Memorial Championship, Kampala, UGA
KADASHEVA, Sabrina 11/08/2000 RUS Athlete F Long Distance (3000m+) 04/08/2017 4 years ineligibility 14/03/2021 Since 04.08.17 Doping Presence
Trimetazidine In competition test, VIII Spartakiade , Maikop, RUS
KISELEV Aleksey 12/07/2000 RUS Athlete M Middle Distance (800m-1500m) 19/05/2018 4 years ineligibility 26/08/2022 Since 19-05-18 Doping Presence
Meldonium In competition test, 'Far East Regional Junior Championships', Khabarovsk, RUS
ADAMCHUK, Mariya 29/05/2000 UKR Athlete F Long Jump Jumps 03/06/2018 4 years ineligibility 16/08/2022 Since 03.06.18 Doping Presence
Trenbolone, DMBA & Methylhexaneamine ICT, Ukrainian club U20 Championships', Lutsk, UKR
ROWTHER NAINA, Mohamed Nizar Farook 28/04/2000 IND Athlete M Sprints (400m or less) 05/11/2018 4 years ineligibility 06/12/2022 Since 05.11.18 Doping Presence
Mephentermine In competition test, 34th National Junior Athletics championships ¬ù, Ranchi, IND
GEHM, Zach 26/04/2000 USA Athlete M Shot Put Throws 22/06/2019 2 years ineligibility 21/06/2021 Since 22.06.19 Doping Presence
5-methylhexan-2-amine In competition test, 51st U20 Outdoor Championships, Miramar, USA
SINGH, Anmol 12/04/2000 IND Athlete M Sprints (400m or less) 13/01/2019 4 years ineligibility 11/04/2023 Since 13.01.19 Doping Presence
Ostarine, GW1516 In competition test, Khelo India Youth Games, Pune, IND
MELLAS, Hamza 17/03/2000 MAR Athlete M Middle Distance (800m-1500m) 16/01/2019 4 years ineligibility 24/02/2023 Since 16.01.19 Doping Presence
Mesterolone Out-of-competition test, Ben Guérir, MAR
ROHIT, . 08/03/2000 IND Athlete M High Jump Jumps 17/08/2019 4 years ineligibility 28/11/2023 Since 17.08.19 Doping Presence
Boldenone In competition test, Haryana State Athletics
Championship, Rohtak, IND
WU, Chunlan 22/02/2000 CHN Athlete F Sprints (400m or less) 26/07/2017 4 years ineligibility 26/07/2021 Since 26.07.17 Doping Presence
Metandienone IAAF Rule 32.2.f - Possession
MLENGA, Retshidisitswe 07/02/2000 RSA Athlete M Sprints (400m or less) 15/03/2018 4 years ineligibility 14/05/2022 Since 15.03.18 Doping Presence
Stanozolol In competition test, South Africa Championships , Pretoria, RSA
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