Global List of Ineligible Persons

The Athletics Integrity Unit has jurisdiction over International-Level Athletes and their Athlete Support Persons, IAAF Officials and Member Federation Officials (limited to their dealings with the IAAF). On this page we publish a consolidated list of all persons serving a period of ineligibility in Athletics. This includes persons serving a period of ineligibility as a result of national level cases and decisions.

Latest sanctions for Doping and Non-Doping Violations


Complete list of sanctions for Doping and Non-Doping Violations*


*The list of currently suspended persons was last updated on 30 August 2019. Please note that it is intended for information only and should not be relied upon from a legal perspective.

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Name Date of Birth Nationality Role Sex Discipline 1 Discipline 2 Infraction Date Sanction Ineligibile Until Disqualification Period Infraction Type ADRV Rules ADRV Notes Description
ZHANG Lin 11/11/1993 CHN Athlete M Race Walk Long Distance (3000m+) 03/12/2019 2 years ineligibility 03/12/2019 Since 05-03-17 Doping Presence
Clostebol In competition test, 'Huang Zhan National Race Walking Grand Prix', Huang Zhan, CHN
SEGODI, Raphael 01/05/1986 RSA Athlete M Marathon Long Distance (3000m+) 01/05/2019 2 years ineligibility 08/07/2021 Since 01.05.19 Doping Presence
Methylphenidate; Betamethasone ICT, ‘Wally Hayward Miway Marathon 2019’, Johannesburg, RSA
KEYHANI, Hosein 26/04/1990 IRI Athlete M 3000m SC Long Distance (3000m+) 21/04/2019 4 years ineligibility 20/05/2023 Since 21.04.19 Doping Presence
EPO ICT, ‘Asian Athletics Championships’, Doha, QAT
STEPANOVA, Aleksandra 14/11/1994 RUS Athlete F Sprints (400m or less) 08/04/2019 4 years ineligibility 05/05/2023 Since 08.04.19 Doping Presence
Oxandrolone Out-of-competition test, Tamga, KYR
DINGILA, Siyabonga 20/07/1986 RSA Athlete M Long Distance (3000m+) 07/04/2019 16 months ineligibility 08/11/2020 Since 07.04.19 Doping Presence
Betamethasone ICT, ‘JointEze Irene Ultra Marathon 2019’, Centurion, RSA
BIWOTT, Salome Jerono 08/11/1982 KEN Athlete F Long Distance (3000m+) 07/04/2019 8 years ineligibility 04/06/2027 Since 07.04.19 Doping Presence
Norandrosterone ‘25th Sao Paulo international Marathon, Sao Paulo, BRA
VRUCHINSKIY, Pavel 07/04/1992 RUS Athlete M Sprints (400m or less) 04/04/2019 4 years ineligibility 18/04/2023 Since 04-04-19 Doping Presence
Oxandrolone OOCT, Moscow, RUS
KIRWA, Eunice Jepkirui 20/05/1984 BRN Athlete F Long Distance (3000m+) 01/04/2019 4 years ineligibility 06/05/2023 Since 01-04-19 Doping Presence
EPO OOCT, Kapsabet, KEN
DJARMOUNI, Seif Eddine 17/08/1994 ALG Athlete M Long Distance (3000m+) 14/02/2019 4 years ineligibility 19/03/2023 Since 14-02-19 Doping Presence
Norandrosterone OOCT, Sétif, ALG
TOROK, Amadeus 30/05/1996 HUN Athlete M Sprints (400m or less) 10/02/2019 1 years ineligibility 18/03/2020 Since 10-02-19 Doping Presence
Octodrine ICT, 'Indoor Meeting', Budapest, Hun
SAROUKH, Aicha 07/10/1999 MAR Athlete F Sprints (400m or less) 22/01/2019 4 years ineligibility 03/03/2023 Since 22-01-19 Doping Presence
Clenbuterol OOCT, Ben Guérir, MAR
MOISEEVA, Arina 02/12/1997 RUS Athlete F Throws 12/01/2019 4 years ineligibility 20/03/2023 Since 12-01-19 Doping Presence
Ligandrol (LGD-4033); 1,3-dimethylbutylamine; Methylhexaneamine ICT, 'Siberian Region Championships', Irkutsk, RUS
LIM, Baoying 31/01/1982 SGP Athlete F Marathon Long Distance (3000m+) 09/12/2018 3 years and 9 months ineligibility 07/11/2022 Since 09.12.18 Doping Presence
Modafinil In competition test, ‘Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon’, Singapore, SGP
KIRWA, Felix Kiptoo 08/10/1995 KEN Athlete M Long Distance (3000m+) 09/12/2018 9 months ineligibility 13/11/2019 Since 09-12-18 Doping Presence
Strychnine ICT, 'Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon', Singapore, SGP
GARCIA MASCARELL, Javier 16/05/1975 ESP Athlete M Long Distance (3000m+) 11/11/2018 4 years ineligibility 18/06/2023 Since 11-11-18 Doping Presence
Meldonium ICT, 'Behobia-Donastia', San Sebastian, ESP
GUO, Zhongze 07/08/1996 CHN Athlete M 400m Sprints (400m or less) 01/11/2018 1 year ineligibility 15/03/2020 Since 01.11.18 Doping Evasion
Refusal and or Failure to Submit
Failure to Submit to doping control
KHAKHUTSKIY Viktor 25/10/1984 RUS Athlete M Long Distance (3000m+) 21/10/2018 4 years ineligibility 20/11/2022 Since 21-10-18 Non-Doping Presence
Meldonium In competition test, Yerevan Marathon 2018', Yerevan, ARM
LYAZID, Imgharene 17/04/1984 MAR Athlete M Long Distance (3000m+) 20/10/2018 4 years ineligibility 04/12/2022 Since 20/10/18 Doping Presence
EPO In competition test,‘Xi'an International Marathon’, Xi'an, CHN
KHOKHLOVA, Natalya 06/10/1992 RUS Athlete F Long Distance (3000m+) 20/10/2018 2 years ineligibility 11/12/2020 Since 20-10-18 Doping Presence
Methylhexaneamine ICT, Russian Championships in Cross-Country, Orenburg, RUS
XU, Wenhao 06/11/2001 CHN Athlete M Long Distance (3000m+) 15/10/2018 4 years ineligibility 17/10/2022 Since 15-10-18 Doping Presence
EPO ICT, 24th Shandong Games', Qingdao, CHN
MASHINISTOVA, Yelena 29/03/1994 RUS Athlete F Long Jump Jumps 15/10/2018 1 year ineligibility 30/10/2019 Since 15.10.18 Doping Presence
Hydrochlorothiazide Out-of-competition test, Sochi, RUS
BETTI, Luisa 27/08/1987 ITA Athlete F Long Distance (3000m+) 06/10/2018 18 months ineligibility 05/04/2020 Since 06.10.18 Doping Presence
Betamethasone In competition test, ‘100km delle Alpi’, Foglizzo, ITA
BERTI, Emilio 19/07/1977 ITA Athlete M Long Distance (3000m+) 15/09/2018 1 year ineligibility 30/10/2019 Since 15.09.18 Doping Presence
Clenbuterol In competition test, ‘Triathlon Olimpico’, Grosseto, ITA
ANDREAS, Jeromy 28/02/1992 RSA Athlete M Long Distance (3000m+) 08/09/2018 4 years ineligibility 29/10/2022 Since 08-09-2018 Doping Presence
LU, Weiyi 04/05/2000 CHN Athlete M Sprints (400m or less) 31/08/2018 2 years ineligibility 30/08/2020 Since 31.08.18 Doping Presence
Stanozolol Out-of-competition test, Yixing, CHN
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