Global List of Ineligible Persons

The Athletics Integrity Unit has jurisdiction over International-Level Athletes and their Athlete Support Persons, IAAF Officials and Member Federation Officials (limited to their dealings with the IAAF). On this page we publish a consolidated list of all persons serving a period of ineligibility in Athletics. This includes persons serving a period of ineligibility as a result of national level cases and decisions.

Latest sanctions for Doping and Non-Doping Violations

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Complete list of sanctions for Doping and Non-Doping Violations*


*The list of currently suspended persons was last updated on 29 May 2019. Please note that it is intended for information only and should not be relied upon from a legal perspective.

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Name Date of Birth Nationality Role Sex Discipline 1 Discipline 2 Infraction Date Sanction Ineligibile Until Disqualification Period Infraction Type ADRV Rules ADRV Notes Description
SESELE, Lebokeng 10/12/1990 RSA Athlete M 100m Sprints (400m or less) 12/11/2017 4 years ineligibility 11/11/2021 From 12.11.17 to 01.12.17 Doping Presence
Dehydrochloromethyltestosterone and Trenbolone Out-of-competition test, Pretoria, RSA
DEVI, Suman 15/07/1985 IND Athlete F Javelin Throws 26/06/2017 4 years ineligibility 08/08/2021 Since 26.06.17 Doping Presence
Norandrosterone In competition test, ‘Selection trials for the 22nd Asian Athletics Championships’, Patiala, IND
KAUR, Manpreet 06/07/1990 IND Athlete F Shot Put Throws 24/04/2017 4 years ineligibility 19/07/2021 Since 24.04.17 Doping Presence
Metenolone and Dimethylbutylamine In competition test, ‘Asian Grand Prix’, Jinhua, CHN, ‘21st Federation Cup’, Patiala, IND, ‘2017 Asian Athletics Championships’, Bhubaneswar, IND and‘57th National Inter State Sr Athletics Championships’, Guntur, IND
JITHU, Biji 31/03/1999 IND Athlete M Hammer Throws 22/10/2017 4 years ineligibility 28/11/2021 Since 22.10.17 Doping Presence
Metandienone In competition test,‘61st Kerala State Schools Athletics Championships’, Kottayam, IND
LYAZID, Imgharene 17/04/1984 MAR Athlete M Long Distance (3000m+) 20/10/2018 4 years ineligibility 04/12/2022 Since 20/10/18 Doping Presence
EPO In competition test,‘Xi'an International Marathon’, Xi'an, CHN
BOSUBEN, Bernard Kipkemoi 21/01/1988 KEN Athlete M Marathon Long Distance (3000m+) 22/11/2015 4 years ineligibility 31/10/2019 Since 22.11.15 Doping Presence
Norandrosterone In competition test, ‘Shenzhen International Marathon’, Shenzhen, CHN
BETT, Kipyegon 01/02/1998 KEN Athlete M 800m Middle Distance (800m-1500m) 24/02/2018 4 years ineligibility 14/08/2022 Since 24.02.18 Doping Evasion
Refusal and or Failure to Submit
Evading, Refusing or Failing to Submit to Sample Collection, EPO Out-of-competition test, Kericho, KEN
OCAMPO BARCA, Carolina 31/03/1999 BOL Athlete F 100m Sprints (400m or less) 07/06/2018 1 year ineligibility 03/07/2019 Since 07.06.18 Doping Presence
Acetazolamide In competition test, ‘XI Juegos Suramericanos’, Cochabamba, BOL
MANDEFIRO, Firegenet Ayalew 05/04/1993 ETH Athlete F Marathon Long Distance (3000m+) 26/08/2018 8 years ineligibility 23/02/2027 Since 26.08.18 Doping Presence
EPO, Tampering (2nd ADRV) In competition test,‘21k Ciudad de Guatemala’, Guatemala, GTM; Art 2.5 ADR - Tampering
MANAKOV, Semyon 30/05/2001 RUS Athlete M Sprints (400m or less) 16/03/2018 1 year ineligibility 09/04/2019 Since 16.03.18 Doping Presence
Meldonium Out-of-competition test, Kazan, RUS
KHALIKOV, Ruslan 18/04/1992 RUS Athlete M Shot Put Throws 02/06/2018 6 months ineligibility 27/05/2019 Since 02.06.18 Doping Presence
Hydrochlorothiazide In competition test, 'Ural Federal District Championships', Chelyabinsk, RUS
MASHINISTOVA, Yelena 29/03/1994 RUS Athlete F Long Jump Jumps 15/10/2018 1 year ineligibility 30/10/2019 Since 15.10.18 Doping Presence
Hydrochlorothiazide Out-of-competition test, Sochi, RUS
LI, Jiayu 01/09/2000 CHN Athlete F Middle Distance (800m-1500m) 15/08/2018 2 years ineligibility 14/08/2020 Since 15.08.18 Doping Presence
Meldonium In competition test, ‘15th Provincial Games of Shanxi Province’, Taiyuan, CHN
LU, Weiyi 04/05/2000 CHN Athlete M Sprints (400m or less) 31/08/2018 2 years ineligibility 30/08/2020 Since 31.08.18 Doping Presence
Stanozolol Out-of-competition test, Yixing, CHN
CAO, Zhiwei 25/01/2001 CHN Athlete M Middle Distance (800m-1500m) 28/08/2018 2 years ineligibility 27/08/2020 Since 28.08.18 Doping Presence
LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) In competition test, ‘14th Provincial Games of Heilongjiang Province’, CHN
BETTI, Luisa 27/08/1987 ITA Athlete F Long Distance (3000m+) 06/10/2018 18 months ineligibility 05/04/2020 Since 06.10.18 Doping Presence
Betamethasone In competition test, ‘100km delle Alpi’, Foglizzo, ITA
BONFIGLIO, Marco 02/09/1977 ITA Athlete M Long Distance (3000m+) 14/10/2018 6 months ineligibility 10/06/2019 Since 14.10.18 Doping Presence
Betamethasone In competition test, ‘Ticino Ecomarathon 3° edizione – Ultramarathon’, Pavia, ITA
BERTI, Emilio 19/07/1977 ITA Athlete M Long Distance (3000m+) 15/09/2018 1 year ineligibility 30/10/2019 Since 15.09.18 Doping Presence
Clenbuterol In competition test, ‘Triathlon Olimpico’, Grosseto, ITA
GUTIERREZ POZO, Josue Mauricio 13/09/1998 PER Athlete M Pole Vault Jumps 10/08/2018 2 years ineligibility 09/08/2020 Since 10.08.18 Doping Presence
Carboxy-THC In competition test, ‘GP Pedro Galvez Velarde’, Lima, PER
FERREIRA ALVES Fabielle Samira -- BRA Athlete F Javelin Throws 24/06/2018 4 months ineligibility 13/10/2018 since 24/06/18 Doping Presence
Isometheptene In competition test, ‘Brazilian U20 Championships’, Bragança Paulista, BRA
ABAKUMOVA, Maria 15/01/1986 RUS Athlete F Javelin Throws 21/08/2008 4 years ineligibility 17/05/2020 From 21.08.08 to 20.08.12 Doping Presence
Dehydrochloromethyltestosterone ICT, ‘XXIX Olympic games, Beijing, CHN
ABAREGHI, Mohammed Hossein 05/01/1995 IRI Athlete M 200m Sprints (400m or less) 11/07/2015 4 years ineligibility 14/08/2019 Since 11-07-2015 Doping Presence
Stanozolol ICT, ‘13th IAAF World Championships’, Daegu, KOR
ABDELRAHMAN, Ihab 01/05/1989 EGY Athlete M Javelin Throws 17/04/2016 4 years ineligibility 20/07/2020 Since 17-04-2016 Doping Presence
Exogenous Steroids Out-of-competition test, Kafr Saqr, EGY
ABDOSH, Ali 25/08/1987 ETH Athlete M Long Distance (3000m+) 24/12/2017 4 years ineligibility 04/02/2022 Since 24-12-2017 Doping Presence
Salbutamol In competition test, ‘2017 Baoneng Guangzhou Huangpu Marathon’, Guangzhou, CHN
ABEYIE, Tim 07/11/1982 GHA Athlete M 200m Sprints (400m or less) 04/07/2015 4 years ineligibility 16/07/2019 Since 04-07-2015 Doping Presence
Stanozolol and Metandienone In competition test, 'Süddeutsche Meisterschaften Leichtathletik', Kaiserslautern, GER
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