Athlete Stories

Discover stories from athletes and get their thoughts on doping in the videos below.

  • Sebastian Coe

    Learn more about Sebastian's thoughts on the Athletics Integrity Unit
    "it's a framework for athletes to make the right decisions and perform on a level playing field"

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  • Valerie Adams

    Learn more about Valerie's story
    "we need to keep the integrity in sport intact "

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  • Habiba Ghribi

    Learn more about Habiba's story.
    "athletics should remain a clean and ethical sport"

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  • Jo Pavey

    Learn more about Jo's story.
    "the fact we are catching cheats gives a brighter future to all young athletes"

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  • Kajsa Bergqvist

    Learn more about Kajsa's story
    "stay true to yourself, stay true to the sport"

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  • Goldie Sayers

    Learn more about Goldie's story
    "doping robs the right of clean athletes to know truly how good they can be"

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