Stop! Think!

When should you stop and think about the risks of Doping?

MEDICATION - Are you ill and do you need to take a medicine? Make sure you check it first!

SUPPLEMENTS - Vitamins, Carbohydrate gels, protein shakes - If you really need to take them, check everything thoroughly and make sure they are batch tested

INJURIES or SURGERY -  Specialists and surgeons want to heal you, they will warn you of the health risks. Risk to your sport - it is your job to inform them and check anaesthetics and any medical drugs used

TRAVEL  -  when Travelling to different countries beware that the same brand names can have very different ingredients. Always fully check labels, or be sure to travel with your medications

ONLINE PITFALLS - Often all is not what it seems. Be very careful when buying supplements online. Standards are not universally adhered to and products may well not contain what they claim to. Again stick to batch tested, reliable supplements if at all

We are here to help, so If you are in doubt about any aspect of Doping in Athletics, reach out to us.