Registered Testing Pool (RTP)

Athletes at the highest level of their sport are selected for what is known as a Registered Testing Pool, or RTP. Here, you can search for all international-level athletes currently in the RTP or download the full list.


This list of athletes in the RTP was last updated on 01 October 2019

*Please note that it cannot be guaranteed that the searchable database available on-line exactly reproduces the IAAF RTP list, it is therefore intended for information only and should not be relied upon from a legal perspective.
Athlete Discipline Secondary Discipline IAAF ID Gender Nationality Date of Birth
Chemutai, Peruth 3000m SC Long Distance (3000m+) 304038 F UGA 1999-07-10
Alemu, Habitam 800m Middle Distance (800m-1500m) 303358 F ETH 1997-07-09
Williams, Briana 200m Sprints (400m or less) 303151 F JAM 2002-03-21
Hadis, Abadi 10000m Long Distance (3000m+) 302471 M ETH 1997-11-06
Nedasekau, Maksim High Jump Jumps 301425 M BLR 1998-01-21
Tentóglou, Miltiádis Long Jump Jumps 299640 M GRE 1998-03-18
Mizinov, Vasiliy 20km Walk Long Distance (3000m+) 299442 M ANA 1997-12-29
Tola, Helen Marathon Long Distance (3000m+) 298495 F ETH 1994-11-21
Chespol, Celliphine 3000m SC Long Distance (3000m+) 298331 F KEN 1999-03-23
Yavi, Winfred 3000m SC Long Distance (3000m+) 298328 F BRN 1999-12-31
Gidey, Letesenbet 5000m Long Distance (3000m+) 297706 F ETH 1998-03-20
Yemataw, Birhanu 5000m Long Distance (3000m+) 297695 M BRN 1996-02-27
Kifle, Aron 10000m Long Distance (3000m+) 297672 M ERI 1998-02-20
Hailesilassie, Yemane 3000m SC Long Distance (3000m+) 297670 M ERI 1998-02-21
Munyai, Clarence 200m Sprints (400m or less) 297309 M RSA 1998-02-20
Cherono, Lawrence Marathon Long Distance (3000m+) 296902 M KEN 1988-08-07
Haroun, Abdalelah 400m Sprints (400m or less) 296825 M QAT 1997-01-01
Massó, Maykel D. Long Jump Jumps 296819 M CUB 1999-05-08
Shi Yuhao Long Jump Jumps 296677 M CHN 1998-09-26
Edesa, Workenesh Marathon Long Distance (3000m+) 296476 F ETH 1992-09-11
Duplantis, Armand Pole Vault Jumps 296278 M SWE 1999-11-10
Kipyego, Barselius Half Marathon Long Distance (3000m+) 295991 M KEN 1993-07-23
Kigen, Nobert Marathon Long Distance (3000m+) 295303 M KEN 1993-01-24
Beyo, Chala 3000m SC Long Distance (3000m+) 294630 M ETH 1996-01-18
Haratyk, Michał Shot Put Throws 294605 M POL 1992-04-10
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