Registered Testing Pool (RTP)

Athletes at the highest level of their sport are selected for what is known as a Testing Pool. Here, you can search for all international-level athletes currently in the World Athletics Testing Pool, or download the full list.


This list of athletes in the World Athletics Testing Pool was last updated on 1 April 2024.

*Please note that it cannot be guaranteed that the searchable database or downloadable files available on-line exactly reproduce the World Athletics Testing Pool List, it is therefore intended for information only and should not be relied upon from a legal perspective. Please contact for more information.
Athlete Discipline Secondary Discipline World Athletics ID Gender Nationality Date of Birth
Shanieka RICKETTS Triple Jump Jumps 14413464 F JAM 1992-02-02
Keturah ORJI Triple Jump Jumps 14503156 F USA 1996-03-05
Kimberly WILLIAMS Triple Jump Jumps 14285998 F JAM 1988-11-03
Cristian NÁPOLES Triple Jump Jumps 14630191 M CUB 1998-11-27
Lázaro MARTÍNEZ Triple Jump Jumps 14571850 M CUB 1997-11-03
Leyanis PÉREZ HERNÁNDEZ Triple Jump Jumps 14828679 F CUB 2002-01-10
Liadagmis POVEA Triple Jump Jumps 14574170 F CUB 1996-02-06
Thea LAFOND Triple Jump Jumps 14416826 F DMA 1994-04-05
Darya NIDBAYKINA Triple Jump Jumps 14513831 F RUS 1994-12-26
Tori FRANKLIN Triple Jump Jumps 14425445 F USA 1992-10-07
Emmanuel IHEMEJE Triple Jump Jumps 14629166 M ITA 1998-10-09
Maryna BEKH-ROMANCHUK Triple Jump Jumps 14434131 F UKR 1995-07-18
Yaming ZHU Triple Jump Jumps 14691893 M CHN 1994-05-04
Yasser Mohammed TRIKI Triple Jump Jumps 14597364 M ALG 1997-03-24
Yekaterina KONEVA Triple Jump Jumps 14298189 F RUS 1988-09-25
Yulimar ROJAS Triple Jump Jumps 14436431 F VEN 1995-10-21
Pedro PICHARDO Triple Jump Jumps 14412588 M POR 1993-06-30
Almir DOS SANTOS Triple Jump Jumps 14429487 M BRA 1993-09-04
Ana PELETEIRO-COMPAORÉ Triple Jump Jumps 14454805 F ESP 1995-12-02
Hugues Fabrice ZANGO Triple Jump Jumps 14523962 M BUR 1993-06-25
Andy DÍAZ HERNÁNDEZ Triple Jump Jumps 14587743 M ITA 1995-12-25
Jasmine MOORE Triple Jump Jumps 14715853 F USA 2001-05-01
Jaydon HIBBERT Triple Jump Jumps 14972866 M JAM 2005-01-17
Jordan Alejandro DÍAZ FORTUN Triple Jump Jumps 14709120 M ESP 2001-02-23
Josh AWOTUNDE Shot Put Throws 14522818 M USA 1995-06-12
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