Registered Testing Pool (RTP)

Athletes at the highest level of their sport are selected for what is known as a Registered Testing Pool, or RTP. Here, you can search for all international-level athletes currently in the RTP or download the full list.


This list of athletes in the RTP was last updated on 01 October 2019

*Please note that it cannot be guaranteed that the searchable database available on-line exactly reproduces the IAAF RTP list, it is therefore intended for information only and should not be relied upon from a legal perspective.
Athlete Discipline Secondary Discipline IAAF ID Gender Nationality Date of Birth
Aguilar, Evelyn Heptathlon Combined Events 260224 F COL 1993-01-03
Bougard, Erica Heptathlon Combined Events 267670 F USA 1993-07-26
Bourrada, Larbi Decathlon Combined Events 237704 M ALG 1988-05-10
Cachová, Kateřina Heptathlon Combined Events 208425 F CZE 1990-02-26
Felix, Kurt Decathlon Combined Events 242159 M GRN 1988-07-04
Helcelet, Adam Sebastian Decathlon Combined Events 245573 M CZE 1991-10-27
Ikauniece, Laura Heptathlon Combined Events 244374 F LAT 1992-05-31
Johnson-Thompson, Katarina Heptathlon Combined Events 238460 F GBR 1993-01-09
Kasyanov, Oleksiy Decathlon Combined Events 203823 M UKR 1985-08-26
Kazmirek, Kai Decathlon Combined Events 248861 M GER 1991-01-28
Krizsán, Xénia Heptathlon Combined Events 248748 F HUN 1993-01-13
Mayer, Kevin Decathlon Combined Events 248948 M FRA 1992-02-10
Rodríguez, Yorgelis Heptathlon Combined Events 262288 F CUB 1995-01-25
Schäfer, Carolin Heptathlon Combined Events 235522 F GER 1991-12-05
Shkurenyov, Ilya Decathlon Combined Events 245712 M ANA 1991-01-11
Shukh, Alina Heptathlon Combined Events 280889 F UKR 1999-02-12
Suárez, Leonel Decathlon Combined Events 220525 M CUB 1987-09-01
Thiam, Nafissatou Heptathlon Combined Events 258987 F BEL 1994-08-19
Uibo, Maicel Decathlon Combined Events 249490 M EST 1992-12-27
Ureña, Jorge Decathlon Combined Events 274663 M ESP 1993-10-08
Vetter, Anouk Heptathlon Combined Events 248043 F NED 1993-02-04
Victor, Lindon Decathlon Combined Events 293967 M GRN 1993-02-28
Warner, Damian Decathlon Combined Events 263031 M CAN 1989-11-04
Barshim, Mutaz Essa High Jump Jumps 253964 M QAT 1991-06-24
Bartoletta, Tianna Long Jump Jumps 199570 F USA 1985-08-30
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