Registered Testing Pool (RTP)

Athletes at the highest level of their sport are selected for what is known as a Testing Pool. Here, you can search for all international-level athletes currently in the World Athletics Testing Pool, or download the full list.


This list of athletes in the World Athletics Testing Pool was last updated on 26 October 2021.

*Please note that it cannot be guaranteed that the searchable database or downloadable files available on-line exactly reproduce the World Athletics Testing Pool List, it is therefore intended for information only and should not be relied upon from a legal perspective. Please contact for more information.
Athlete Discipline Secondary Discipline World Athletics ID Gender Nationality Date of Birth
Kelsey-Lee BARBER Javelin Throws 14336705 F AUS 1991-09-21
Lukas WEISSHAIDINGER Discus Throws 14363774 M AUT 1992-02-20
Hanna SKYDAN Hammer Throws 14375556 F AZE 1992-05-14
Aliaksei KATKAVETS Javelin Throws 14703718 M BLR 1998-06-07
Aliona DUBITSKAYA Shot Put Throws 14269885 F BLR 1990-01-25
Hanna MALYSHCHYK Hammer Throws 14421738 F BLR 1994-02-04
Hleb DUDARAU Hammer Throws 14593689 M BLR 1996-10-17
Tatsiana KHALADOVICH Javelin Throws 14269852 F BLR 1991-06-21
Andressa DE MORAIS Discus Throws 14327283 F BRA 1990-12-21
Darlan ROMANI Shot Put Throws 14377465 M BRA 1991-04-09
Fernanda MARTINS Discus Throws 14269404 F BRA 1988-07-26
Brittany CREW Shot Put Throws 14430758 F CAN 1994-03-06
Bin FENG Discus Throws 14430151 F CHN 1994-04-03
Huihui LYU Javelin Throws 14265696 F CHN 1989-06-26
Lijiao GONG Shot Put Throws 14266426 F CHN 1989-01-24
Na LUO Hammer Throws 14430153 F CHN 1993-10-08
Shiying LIU Javelin Throws 14430159 F CHN 1993-09-24
Yang CHEN Discus Throws 14423031 F CHN 1991-07-10
Zheng WANG Hammer Throws 14264987 F CHN 1987-12-14
Mauricio ORTEGA Discus Throws 14479637 M COL 1994-08-04
Filip MIHALJEVIĆ Shot Put Throws 14523988 M CRO 1994-07-31
Sandra PERKOVIĆ Discus Throws 14263753 F CRO 1990-06-21
Sara KOLAK Javelin Throws 14380461 F CRO 1995-06-22
Denia CABALLERO Discus Throws 14263657 F CUB 1990-01-13
Yaimé PÉREZ Discus Throws 14327290 F CUB 1991-05-29
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